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  • FAQ

    What is this website about?

    I'm selling my one of a kind drawings here:) These were all created in 2016 for a personal project called 'Just Draw!'
    Most of the drawings are related to pop culture, like Star Wars, classic horror movies and famous rock stars and so much cool and awesome stuff! Check out the categories!


    How do I order a drawing?

    Simple! Just click on a drawing, add to cart and order! You can use credit card or Paypal.

    When do I get my drawing?

    I will ship out your drawing within a week. Shipping is FREE when ordered before December 15, 2017 so you can get by Christmas!

    What is the 'Free Secret Drawing'?

    It's a surprise! Just get ready to have another drawing, created and hand-picked by me included in your order! So basically it's TWO drawings for the price of one:)

    What is 'Just Draw'?

    'Just Draw' was a year long project where I created one traditional drawing every day in 2016. Why? Since I'm primarily a digital artist most of the time, I wanted to get back to my roots and just draw on paper again!

    Why are the drawings so expensive?

    They're one of a kind and I put a LOT of attention into each one. Each one of these drawings means A LOT to me, so if I'm going to let them go it's gotta be worth it;)

    PLUS there's free shipping AND another free drawing included!

    What if the drawing I want is sold?

    Then you can buy a print! On the upside it will be a lot cheaper:)....( print info is found on the product page of the drawing)