• The Art of

    Alex Ruiz





    We are all ever-changing, evolving; able to engage in infinite possibilities and growth.

    The demons within give birth to new angels, and sometimes vice versa.


    Change is uncomfortable. Painful. Even at times excruciating. Just as the caterpillar becomes shrouded in darkness, isolated, liquefied, it emerges anew into a beautiful, flying creature. And so, we also can emerge from the darkness - into new creatures ready to take flight.


    Be patient. Don't compare your current situation to anyone else's. We are all on different journeys - in different 'cocoons', if you will. But we don't have to be alone in these cocoons. Rather, take inspiration from others, and receive support. And more importantly, seek out that support - there's so much out there if we just open ourselves up enough to go and find it!


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  • Upcoming Events

    'Signs of Life' Art Show March 2020 Venice, CA