• 'Phoenix Resting'

    'Phoenix Resting' 2020

    The world is always burning, always falling down, always hurting.


    But it's always regrowing, always rebuilding, always healing.


    We can choose how to perceive things. This perception will directly affect our emotions. Control your emotions, and you CONTROL YOUR LIFE.


    This takes a bit of practice, but the other options are PANIC, INDIFFERENCE, and ALL CONSUMING FEAR...so what would you rather experience?


    This is a time of massive fear and uncertainty, certainly the biggest test we as a generation are facing.


    Take this time to look inward more than ever....get adequate rest, reflect, and learn how to turn fear into positive growth.....mindful breathing, eating well, hydrating, exercising, meditating, learning a new skill, practicing compassion, connecting with yourself and others....


    ...and WAY less indulgence in the news;)


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    We are all ever-changing, evolving; able to engage in infinite possibilities and growth.

    The demons within give birth to new angels, and sometimes vice versa.


    Change is uncomfortable. Painful. Even at times excruciating. Just as the caterpillar becomes shrouded in darkness, isolated, liquefied, it emerges anew into a beautiful, flying creature. And so, we also can emerge from the darkness - into new creatures ready to take flight.


    Be patient. Don't compare your current situation to anyone else's. We are all on different journeys - in different 'cocoons', if you will. But we don't have to be alone in these cocoons. Rather, take inspiration from others, and receive support. And more importantly, seek out that support - there's so much out there if we just open ourselves up enough to go and find it!


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    'Shores of Consciousness'


    The themes expressed here are about release, compassion, surrender, life, death, magick, dreams, transcendence, consciousness and obviously, surreality:)


    this is also dedicated to all lives lost in the turbulence of 2020 (so far), and that their spirits have found peace...


    Title inspired by a passage in the novel, 'Kafka on the shore.'




    'Wakȟáŋ Tȟáŋka'


    Wakȟáŋ Tȟáŋka (pronounced 'wakan tanka' ) can be interpreted as the power or the sacredness that resides in everything, resembling some animistic and pantheistic beliefs. This term describes every creature and object as wakȟáŋ ("holy") or having aspects that are wakȟáŋ.The element Tanka or Tȟáŋka corresponds to "Great" or "large”.


    Created in Photoshop and Procreate, incorporating my own custom generated patterns.

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